Thursday, February 28, 2008

BW Jug

BW Jug, originally uploaded by Alastair Bird.

I saw a full-page ad in the New Yorker last week (or was it the week before? I can never keep the issues straight) for a show of some of Paul Strand's work. The shot they showed was alarmingly beautiful - it was a detail of a chipped up stoneware pitcher.
I wanted to sort of emulate that, but there were no chipped stoneware or enameled pitchers to be found at my usual antique haunt out in Fort Langley. I was thinking there might be a dumpster outside I could root around in, but then I thought I might draw too much attention to myself.
At any rate, I found this, which is nice - clean, minimal...
Shot on Tri-x 4x5 with the old standby Xenotar 150 F2.8 (thanks Cameron) on a Linhof Technikardin.