Monday, November 19, 2007

Type 55 034 Pos.jpg

Type 55 034 Pos.jpg, originally uploaded by Alastair Bird.

Mya's Tatoos. Gotta love them. Taken with a Linhof Technikardan and an ancient Xenotar lens, on to Polaroid Type 55. Really, a magical combination. I'll have to shoot more. Mojo galore.

Girls May 07 007.jpg

Girls May 07 007.jpg, originally uploaded by Alastair Bird.

One of Elise, when she was sitting still for about 5 seconds at the studio. In one of her more pensive moments.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Shot from last Friday I

4x5 Neg 011 1000 px.jpg, originally uploaded by Alastair Bird.

Last Friday. This is Mya, whom I found on Craigslist. Great place, that for getting great talent. At any rate, she was one of the models I chose, and I was really happy with the results we got. Everyone did a great job (hair and makeup, styling, talent, etc) pulling this off. Best work I've done in years.

Oh, shot on 4x5 film Kodak 400NC with a Xenotar 150mm f2.8. One of my very few mojo lenses. There is no reason to shoot anything other than wide open, but when you do, it's amazing. Just don't sleep with it - it has radioactive glass.