Thursday, February 19, 2009

Museum of Flight 02_09 0025

Museum of Flight 02_09 0025, originally uploaded by Alastair Bird.

The interior of a DC-3 at the Canadian Museum of Flight.. I love the old fabric - straight out of the 60s. It was actually surprisingly roomy in there. I always thought they were more cramped.

Museum of Flight 02_09 0041

Museum of Flight 02_09 0041, originally uploaded by Alastair Bird.

I was wondering how to shoot this plane - it's a Handley Page Hampden from the The Canadian Museum of Flight in Langley, BC. It was dredged out of 600 feet of water many years ago and then rebuilt.

However, a snowfall in December snapped the wing on the left side and damaged it quite significantly. I think it'll take a while to put it back together, but at least they're not starting at square one again...